“Growing up in rural Colorado, we had no neighbors for miles in any direction. At night, when we turned out all the lights in the house and looked outside, all we could see was complete darkness and the light from the stars in the sky. If I looked long enough, I would always see at least one shooting star. The sky that I saw when I was young was infinite, and that is what I loved most about it. The magic of those childhood moments still inspires me. I often think it is that magic that led me to focus on antiquities in college - the romantic notion of mythology and the human desire to create sense of the workings of the cosmos." –Alexandra O’Neill, designer and founder of Markarian

Markarian is a luxury womenswear label by designer Alexandra O’Neill. Named after a particularly radiant grouping of galaxies, Markarian combines Alexandra’s love of the cosmos and celestial romanticism with timeless design and modern grace. Each piece is meant to be special, romantic, and ethereal. Markarian is designed and manufactured in New York City with a belief in supporting the fine craftsmanship that the New York Garment Center offers.